Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Decking by RickLyn Renos Ltd.

General questions

1. Do you come out to locations other than Penticton?

Yes, please email or phone us for a possible price adjustment for out of town rates. Generally speaking, we serve the Southern Okanagan area as shown in the Contact Us section.

2. How long until I get an estimate or hear from someone?

Customer service is very important to the success of our business. An estimate will usually be provided the next business day and you will usually be contacted within two hours if not immediately. You will find our service to be very clean, friendly, unusually punctual and reasonably priced.

3. Do you have someone we can call to check out your references?

Yes, please email or phone us and we'll supply you with a list of names that will refer to the type of job you need completed. Over the years we had hundreds of very satisfied customers, and will be happy to provide references on request.

Vinyl decking questions

1. Is Vinyl decking hot on your feet?

Not as hot as tile or concrete decks, and much more comfortable than wood and composite decks.

2. How much does Vinyl decking cost?

Vinyl costs between $3.80 to $6.80 (installed) per square foot. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

3. How do you clean Vinyl Armor decks?

Vinyl Armor is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash off with mild dish soap and water or just wash with a garden hose.

4. I have a large deck, how are the seams joined and are they visible?

Seams are 5 ft or 6 ft apart depending on colour chosen. All our seams are overlapped and welded, therefore only slightly visible as seen under the Vinyl Decking section.

5. How long do Vinyl decks last?

Vinyl Armor decks installed by RickLyn Renos Ltd come with a 10 year limited warranty. A well maintained Vinyl deck could last up to 20 or more years.

Free Estimates

Our professional services are offered to the Southern Okanagan community at very affordable rates. Please contact us today for a free estimate.

Penticton Tel: 250-490-5630